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Foundation Bike Fit

"Everyone should ride in comfort, it makes cycling an even more enjoyable experience."
Chris - Founder of CyclingPerforance UK

We start with a chat to get to know you, any current issues you may have and goals you may be working towards. Information in hand, we can now move on to our assessment of you, the rider.

We're looking at your feet, knees, hips, spine, neck, general posture, shoulders and hands as well as some very important movement tests to truly understand you.

Then it's on to the couch to quantify range of motion at key joints and perform some vital clinical tests to understand what may arise on the bike.

With a great understanding of you, now we can measure, record your bike setup and replicate this on our Bike Fitting jig, allowing us to easily make adjustments where required.

On the jig, you'll go for a little spin while we look for anything that might need addressing using video analysis and our expertly trained eyes.

With the same level of analysis off the bike, we perform our in-depth analysis on the bike looking at...

  • Shoe and Cleat Setup

  • Saddle Height and Rider Interface

  • Saddle Positioning - Fore-Aft Setup

  • Riding Posture & How To Optimise

  • Cycling Technique

  • Arm Position

  • Hand and Wrist Position

  • Handlebar Height

When we're both happy, we'll record the final position on the the fit forms (which you'll receive a link to) and replicate the jig position to your bike as closely as possible. Where changes may be needed, we'll discuss all required component changes including seatpost style, stem length / angle, handlebar width / style, and crank length, all within 2 hours!​

Foundation Fit completed, now it's over to you. Head out, ride the new setup and let us know how you get on. We love to hear you're happy and guarantee your satisfaction​.

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If you're looking at taking your performance to the next level, check out our Coaching Services including both in-person and online coaching options for on and off the bike.

The Foundation Fit Process
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