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Cycling Performance was founded by Chris Panayiotou, a former professional triathlete with an unwavering passion for cycling and all its facets. Following the successful completion of a degree in Sports Rehabilitation, Chris dedicated himself to realizing his ambition of becoming a professional triathlete, garnering invaluable insights both on and off the bicycle.

Enduring years of dedicated effort and enjoyment in the sport, Chris made a thoughtful decision to transition to the next chapter of his life and career. His pivotal experience occurred during recreational cycling when he underwent his inaugural bike fit, a transformative encounter that underscored the significant impact minor adjustments could have on overall comfort and performance. This revelation dispelled prior notions that discomfort was inherent to cycling, and after the fit, any residual discomfort vanished, transforming the experience of riding 100 miles from laborious to pleasurable.

Motivated by this epiphany, Chris resolved to become a professional bike fitter, aiming to facilitate similar transformative experiences for others. After working at prominent cycling establishments in London, he seized an opportunity to establish his own Bike Fitting studio in Kingston, giving rise to Cycling Performance.

Leveraging his profound understanding of anatomy and physiology, coaching expertise, and extensive firsthand experience in riding and racing, Chris delivers the most comprehensive Bike Fit and coaching services available in the local cycling community.

About Us

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